consultancy services

The Beer Hub has more than 30 years of brewing knowledge and an expansive list of industry contacts to call on, covering all areas of the business from raw materials to brewing and onto beer dispense.

Safety Quality & Consistency

As a successful brewer, you know there are three critical areas of the brewing process needed to ensure your beers reach the customer as intended: Safety, Quality and Consistency.

The Beer Hub offers a full range of consultancy services to help you meet these three critical standards:

  • Embedded consultancy
  • Site visits
  • Quality audit
  • Off-site support by phone or email

Brewing Process

The Beer Hub can help ensure you are producing the best beer possible through:

  • Brewing liquor treatment
  • Raw Material selection and usage
  • Wort production from mash to boil
  • Fermentation regimes and yeast management
  • Fining optimisation trials
  • Brewing process advice and support
  • Brewing plant utilisation and optimisation checks
  • Cask and keg racking processes
  • Hygiene and cleaning systems
  • Tasting and flavour profiling
  • Waste product management, spent grain and effluent

Food Safety

Ensuring your product is safe is vital. The brewing industry is strictly regulated by:

  • The UK Food Safety Act 1990
  • EU Food Hygiene Regulations
  • General Food Hygiene Regulations 2004
  • Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013

Producers need to have in place procedures, based on the seven principles outlined in the Codex Alimentarius Commission 2003 a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points).

The Beer Hub can help you implement your HACCP system either by offering advice and guidance or by visiting your site and designing and documenting a full HACCP system.

Quality Assurance Systems

Product quality is of prime importance.

Brewing quality standards include: Original Gravity, Present Gravity, Alcohol by Volume, Colour, Bitterness, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Microbiology, Flavour.

Multiple retailers are increasingly demanding robust HACCP food safety, and quality systems from their suppliers. For instance, if you trade with SIBA through the Beerflex by August 2017 you must hold one of the following accreditation certificates:

The Beer Hub can offer on-site support and mentoring to help you design and implement your quality systems, putting in place specifications and documentation throughout the brewing process to meet all of the required standards.

We can also help you set up an in-house quality control laboratory. This will enable you to ensure the quality of your beers is maintained throughout the process, and to identify and control any problems before they become a trade issue.

Beer Dispensing

If you want repeat custom, you need to make sure your products are dispensed correctly. Working with our extensive network of service providers The Beer Hub can help you ensure that your beers are served the way you designed them to be.

The Beer Hub can deliver cellar management training for your customers which will pay dividends for your beer’s reputation.


The Beer Hub can offer a range of bespoke tailored training packages to meet the needs of the brewer. We cover all areas of the brewing process, food safety, quality systems, beer dispense and customer-tutored tasting.

The Beer Hub can offer consumer beer tasting and food matching events that are tailored to showcase your beers. Please see the beer events section of the website.

The Beer Hub has a simple objective — To Raise The Profile of Your Beer.